The kids are coming tonight!!! I am never sure of what the weekend will bring. One of the kids already told me that she has been feeling sick for three days!! I hope she gets better soon. The picture is actually one of her paintings!!

They are growing up so quickly. I love that they can call me by themselves now and that they are all so different! There are times that I miss the days where I could rock them to sleep or where they sang to music that they knew.

Even though I was able to stay home with them, I spent time in the hospital!! I missed some important moments with the kids while I was getting treatment and to top it off, I lost custody in the divorce because of my illness.

I am one of the lucky parents though! I get to see my children every third weekend and on the holidays. Some parents are not so lucky. The National Association of Non- Custodial Moms has thousands of stories like mine.

So, what are we going to do?? One of the perks of the schedule is that I get to be the fun parent!! Maybe bake some cookies, puzzles, board games, or catch a movie. Whatever we wind up doing, it will be fun and as a family:-)


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