Well, I guess I do not need to wonder what I am doing anymore this weekend with the kids. In fact, I almost cannot think of how I am going to get it all done. One has a report, I promised one a puzzle as well as helping with school work, and then I have a third that I have no idea what I am going to do with!!  He does not have any school work and would be content to play video games all day long.

Tomorrow, we are taking down the holiday decorations. I bought the kids color-coded bins to put their decorations in. Ok, so maybe I have a little OCD. Each year, they get a new decoration. I also want to try to make cookies this weekend.

I am trying to make chocolate chip cookies using whole wheat flour for the first time. One of the holistic and nutritional approaches to fibromyalgia is cutting out white flour and sugar. I have done OK with the white flour. My stomach does not hut as much. Every so often, I still need sugar!! Before I became ill I would have eaten candy for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Now it is a special treat!! I will have to post how the cookies turn out. At least we are busy.