I had a conference this morning and am going to receive the application today for the mental health service dog. I am excited and nervous. The dog is going to be as much as a small car. I am looking forward to many years with the dog and to having more freedom. The dog will be a huge part of the healing process for me.

On a side note. Our family had started a fundraising website for the dog and my medical expenses. I do not know how it occured, but my oldest child somehow included the website in his project for school which I am sure that I did not have the internet or the website available while he was working on his project. I had to take the website down. No big deal, just upsetting that my ex founf out and could read all of my personal information.  I guess there are worse things and the website is down now.

The good news, is that I can start the application process!!!!  So excited about the possibility of having the dog by the end of the year!