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5 am and I was once again woken up by the cat looking for food. She always seems to know her schedule. That amazes me how animals can do that. I used to have a dog growing up that would sit by the door at the same time each day until I took her for a walk.

I wish that life was that simple. I have therapy assignments that I just cannot seam to get accomplished. Each time I start the assignment, I panic and have a flashback. I seem to be getting nowhere quickly. Sometimes, I wish that I wasn’t so alone in my illness. I am lucky in that I have a husband and family who support me. It just seems as if the people who truly understand what PTSD is like to live with have been in the hospital with me.

I guess that is why the service dog is so important to me. The dog could assist with my symptoms and help me to get past them. Some people have dogs that alert them to seizures or guide them with sight. This dog could be specially trained to keep people at a certain distance, recognize panic attacks before the became debilitating, and be trained in other ways. If anyone is interested in looking up what these amazing dogs can do, the name of the organization is Heeling Allies. They are the only provider of service animals for people with PTSD that I know of that one does not have to be a veteran. All of us with complex PTSD have gone through so much. I guess that is why I want to share my story.