About this time last year, I would have been discussing where I wanted to interview for a nursing positon with my classmates and friends. Then the pain started and the downhill spiral after that. Now I think of how I am going to get in the shower without falling, how to carry everything that I need to while still using my cane, even the best entrance to use in a building or where an elevator is.

This morning, I had an amazing email from a service dog group who wants to interview me. As scared as I am to leave the house and meet someone new, I know that this can change my life. I feel like it is the first day of school and I am going to be sick (in a good way). Getting a service dog would mean independence, and maybe even a little bit of hope that I could maybe have a career one day. It .would also mean that I would not need to rely on my husband for so much. I am sure that he would be grateful for that. I guess that all that I can do is see how the interview goes!! Please keep me in your thoughts and thank you to those who have made so many wonderful comments as well as those who are courageous enough to share your stories.


One thought on “An Interview!!!

  1. You will do great, Jen. Don’t be afraid to let them see YOU. You are very deserving of this service dog and they will be able to know that after hearing your journey. Good luck to you!

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