I am not sure if it is the cold or just that I may have pushed myself to much this week, but I woke up in so much pain today. My back felt like someone had beaten me all night and my knees were aching. I cannot tell any longer if the pain is from the fibro or the arthritis. I wished that I knew. Sometimes if I check my temp and know I have a fever, then I will assume that it is the arthritis, since fibro is not supposed to cause swelling of joints.

I am more of a warm weather person. Needless to say snow and cold weather are really not cool. Then there was the little problem that I figured out yesterday. I have trouble walking in a straght line without my cane. No biggie most days, make due and move on. I saw the snow starting to accumulate and thought about how I was completely unpreprared to handle snow. Who was going to shovel? I knew that I could not shovel. Before the next snowfall, I need to find a neighbor or teenager that can do at least the front walk.

Looking at the upcoming forcast, the temps are supposed to be a little higher over the next few days. Come on Spring!!

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