For once I did not hear those dreaded words today. My regular doctor is on maternity leave and I was so nervous about seeing a new doctor this morning. I should not have been worried. The doctor was wonderful. He understood that my fibromyalgia, arthritis, and PTSD were all combining for the perfect storm. He actually listened to my concerns and was empathetic to how much my life has changed since my diagnosis.

For me, today made me believe that there are doctors out there who are care and are good. They can make my experience as well as others positive. They are not focused on one aspect of a person, but the whole self. He even asked me what other things other than meds were helping me. How impressive!!


3 thoughts on “Its All in Your Head

  1. That is wonderful news. I am happy that your doctor visits are going so well. I think that being able to vent, connect, and exchange with others via your blog has been helpful for you as well. I know that I feel I know you even better through this blog. Sometimes it is easier to say things through writing, rather than in a face to face interaction. I wish you well on your journey. It sounds as though you have found the right path.

    1. Thanks. As, I have said, I could not do any of this without friends and family!! I think that your blog is pretty awesome. I wish that I had that many ideas for my house!! The closet looks amazing.

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