Sleep is Not My Friend

I am not sure what my sleep issue is anymore. I go to bed at 10 pm. I lie down, relax, read a little. Then the brain takes over of all of the things that I need to do in the next day, week, month. Conversations get replayed. I wonder things like “should I have sent that email” or “what am I going to say at my kids parent-teacher conferences”.
Why can I not get one nights sleep. One night where I do not worry about someone breaking in to the house or something bad happening. Notice the wonderful vagueness of that statement. I do not now what will happen, yet I figure that something will happen. Reality is, the only thing that is happening is I am not getting any sleep.
Worrying to much is definitely an issue along with some deep seeded events from my past. Like the time I was alone in my home as a child when someone tried to break in. Not a fun memory.
I would say that I would like to try to rest today. Then I have the issue of getting day and night confused. I am not sure why I feel safer during the day. There is a therapy topic. There are not enough therapy hours in the year to cover all of these topics.
No matter, now it is almost 4am and I am still up, obviously. Sleep is definitely a stuggle. I would love to know what others do for this issue. I have a bedtime routine. It worked in the hospital and when I got home. It is not working now. I am on sleep meds. We can all see how well they work. I am also on meds for anxiety. Again, sometimes I question how effective all of the pills are!!


One thought on “Sleep is Not My Friend

  1. Oh, I hope you find some rest today. I know what it is like to be too anxious to sleep, even though you have been in bed for hours. Maybe the medications are working against each other?

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