I Finally Broke Down

The doctor that sees me for my fibro gave me a referral to a pain management doctor the last time that I saw her. Needless to say, I have been avoiding calling any pain management doctor because of a couple of reasons.

The first reason is that I just do not want anymore doctors poking or prodding me. The last time I had a shot for pain, it caused more pain. Then there is the second reason and the one that I would like to think is more important. MONEY. Copays, drug costs, and let me not even think about all of the money I already owe to all of the other doctors. Add in the service dog. I just do not know why I am stressed!!

So, after waking up at night and not getting to sleep because of pain, I finally broke down today and made the appointment. I wish that the doctor was warm and fuzzy like a teddy bear. I just hope that the doctor at least listens to me and what I have to say.

I already loved the question that I got today when I called. Where is the pain? Well, I have fibro and it comes and goes, is all over. I feel like she asked me to solve a riddle. Finally, I stated my back, since that is where it all began.

What fun I get to look forward too!!


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