What a Holiday!!

Valentine’s Day. Cards, flowers, candy. That is what most of us this of. What about those that are alone on Valentine’s Day? Those who feel that they do not have anyone to turn to?

I woke up yesterday morning to the heading in the news about mental illness being rampant among college students. I was so angry when I saw that story. Why can’t the news report the true facts about mental illness? Statistics show that 1 in 4 people have some type of mental illness, with 1 in 17 being serious illnesses (bipolar, DID, PTSD). If that is the case there are many non-violent students, citizens, and even law makers who have a mental illness.

The news stories are not helping those with a mental illness to seek treatment. When I was a college student, I did not seek help because I was scared about what others would think. Add to that the fear of being thought of as violent.

The news should also report that there are many people with mental illness who are successful in their life. If the statistics are correct, there are professors on the campus who most likely have a mental illness. Maybe a student would feel more comfortable going to them?

Mental illness still carries so much stigma.That makes it hard to get treatment for so many people who want to remain anonymous. Stories of violence only add to the problem. It is important to remember that mental illness is about getting treatment and finding support, not about violence!!

In other news, I was able to spend a great Valentine’s afternoon with my kids. We went out for frozen yogurt. I feel so lucky that my kids open up to me about their lives and are close to me even though we do not see each other as often as I would like.

My husband is an amazing man. He married me knowing about my mental illness and since we have been married, I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and can barely get out of bed some days.

As a child, I loved Faerie Tale Theatre. Over the past year I was able to find the entire collection in one set. For Valentine’s Day he surprised me and got me the set. I started watching it yesterday. My parts were so excited. They love my husband as much as I do, just in their own way.

Last night was a painful night for me. I woke up screaming into my pillow, the pain was so bad. My husband went and got my pain meds and something to drink in the middle of the night. I am not sure what I would do without his support. I am so lucky to have him in my life!!

Needless to say Valentine’s Day was filled with ups and downs like any other day. What is important is that I was able to acknowledge those closest to me and make them feel special!

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