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New Doctor, New Treatments

Today, I went to the pain management specialist for the first time. I have to admit, I was apprehensive. I was not sure if he was only going to give me a shot or only concentrate on my mental illness.
He was actually really nice. He listened to my input about medications and how they would react with my mental illness. I knew then that I could trust what he said. After a quick exam, he said he would see me in two to three weeks.
Before leaving, he gave me a TENS unit, a back brace, a knee brace, and a script for a pain cream. How to use everything was explained really well to me. I was even given phone numbers to call if I had any questions.
Tomorrow, I am going to call the physical therapist. Hopefully, I will be able to get a little more stamina.
I am wearing the back brace as I am writing this post. I guess that I need to get used to the brace. It just feels weird. Maybe it is like a pair of new shoes, I just need to break it in.
Luckily, I have insurance and was able to go to the doctor today. I feel bad for those people who are out there and do not have anyone to take care of them.
I will keep posting on how everything is working.
Thanks for all of the comments to the blog!!