Last night I went out with my husband. Nothing major, a surprise dinner for Valentine’s Day. I love that he thinks of me and is so supportive of me. I am lucky that he accepts me for who I am.

Today, I have slept most of the day. I did not wake up until noon, ate lunch, and then went back to sleep until about an hour ago. This is what I dislike about my illness. The way I am tired all the time, the way my joints ache, the way I have to scream into my pillow to change positions when I sleep at night.

As I am writing this, I feel like I can go back to sleep. Tomorrow I have an appointment with a pain doctor. Is the doctor going to worry about my pain or blame my pain on my mental illness. I will write more tomorrow with how the appointment went. Until then!!

2 thoughts on “So Tired!

  1. glad you had a good dinner and time. you are very lucky. i hear yah, i go through it also. i do need to get out a couple times a day with lizzy, service dog. hang in there, may you have a good week.

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