Good Enough to Journal

Since getting out of the hospital in November, I think that I have journaled a handful of times. normally, I am in too much pain or am to overwhelmed. I am pretty critical of myself and never seem to like what I write or think that it is not good enough.
I saw the pain management doctor for the Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain for the first time yesterday. One of the many items that he gave me was a brace for my back. Yesterday, it hurt. I really did not want to try to wear it again today and just wanted to tell him that it did not work and in two weeks, give it back to him. Like the good rule follower that I am, I used the brace again today. It is still not the most comfortable thing to wear. Yet, by the end of the day I actually felt better. The brace is supposed to help align my back and the discs in it.

So how does any of this even closely relate to journaling. Well, I finally felt well enough tonight to write in my journal. I was actually excited to sit down and write and did not feel that it was a chore or an assignment from my doctor.

One thing about my journals that I need to start to change is that I do not read what I write. I must have at least 10 journals down stairs. I want to change this. So, I am hoping that before I write again, I will read what I wrote tonight. That would at least be a change.
The brace working today has given me a little bit of hope. It was not the most comfortable, I could not move as freely as I would like, yet I finally felt a little better. Small steps forward are better than none!!

One thought on “Good Enough to Journal

  1. But you are journaling, Jenn. Every time you post, it is a journal. I am happy to hear that you are getting the help you need and having ‘pain free’ moments. I know your journey is hard work, but you are worth it.

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