Changing My Life (AGAIN!)

I can still remember when my dance teacher told us that we would be able to go out and buy our first pair of point shoes. What an exciting and scary time! Going to the dance store, trying on shoes, and going up on point for the first time. Eventually, I would learn how to tie the ribbons and which point shoes fit me the best!

Then came the pain in my knee and the news that after knee surgery, I would not be able to dance any longer. That day was one of the hardest in my life. Dancing was everything to me. I loved the music, the shoes, the smell of the studio. At this point, I walked out of the studio where I had spent so many years and was not able to look back until recently. I am glad that I have reconnected after all of these years.

Fast forward to today. I had my second physical therapy appointment. Today’s appointment went well. I was able to learn a little more about my back and knee brace. The doctor seemed really interested in the service dog and my reasons for getting one. By the time I explained what all he could do, even he agreed that the service dog was the best choice for my situation.

I clearly cannot go back to nursing school when I cannot even stand straight. There are days that I wish that I already had my RN and could just take more classes, yet that is not going to happen at this point.

For right now, I know that I need to focus on my physical strength. Hopefully with the PT and the braces, I will be able to be a little more independent. I am not sure where my life is going to go. Then again, I think back to my first day on point shoes. My ankles felt like jello and my feet were bleeding. I pushed on though. I kept up and soon my feet were used to the blisters and pain.

Maybe this is the same way. It is going to take time and one day, my body will get used to how it is feeling right now. I will go through physical therapy as well as therapy for my mental illness. Hopefully, before this time next year, I will have a service dog.

Maybe in all of that time, I can figure out what I want to do with my life. Nursing is out, lifting heavy objects is out. I just need to start looking at what is in!

7 thoughts on “Changing My Life (AGAIN!)

  1. That’s what it’s all about.\; learning to concentrate on what you still can do and enjoy. The little things, a good song, a sunbeam, a bird’s morning song, their always their for the looking. Sally

  2. Glad to know you’re partnering with a service dog. I’ve had PSD partners since 2002. I started off with a wonderful 130 lb. black German Shepherd who made me feel very protected! Now I have a 13 lb Lhasa Apso who apso-lutely fills the bill! What kind of dog do you have?

    1. I am waiting right now! I have a feeling I will be getting a lab, since that is what the organization that I choose mostly trains. He/She will help with the PTSD and the symptoms related to the fibromyalgia and arthritis.

      1. Great! There’s a great service dog yahoo group when and if you’re ready. Lots of support and a great knowledge base on the site. It’s called Golden Paws.

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