New Ideas!

Disclaimer: I am not an artist or designer. I was one of those kids who the art teacher just rolled their eyes at. The gifted and talented kids were in my art class and to this day, my art sometimes looks like a 5-year-old drew it.

Well, maybe the 5-year-old did draw some of it.

Anyway. To get back to my newest find, Washi Tape. I love it. for a few dollars a roll, I can now decorate my own journals!! This saves me money and allows me to make the journals my own. Ok. So I am a little OCD when it comes to picking out a journal. First I have to find one that I even like. Then all parts have to agree. For me, blank pages work the best. That way, I can draw or write. Whatever we are in the mood for.

This morning I was not feeling the best, yet after decorating a journal with the decorative tape and a few stickers I felt better!!


One thought on “New Ideas!

  1. Washi tape is awesome! I love to use in in my scrapbooks. I just trimmed the canvas of my vision board for the year with a little help from Mod Podge since washi tape isn’t always sticky enough. So happy to hear you are having fun with it!

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