From Bad to Good

Yesterday in the words of “Annie”, my favorite musical “Was plain awful.” I slept for most of the day since I could not sleep the night before. When I was not sleeping I was falling. Luckily, there were cushy chairs to catch me.

Today was better. I still slept later than I would normally like to have, yet I was able to go to the store with my mom and get the kids shorts since they are all growing so quickly.

We also went to lunch. The service was great, but the cook was having a really off day. Our entire meal wound up being comped-even the desert (the best part). Tonight I am on the computer and plan to read a little.

Tomorrow starts another week. Physical therapy to start and end the week. Oh well, hopefully it is making me stronger or doing something. I have been completing my exercises each day and still have pain, yet I do not think the goal is to be entirely pain-free, just in less pain.

If the goal is less pain, I think that physical therapy may be working. So the weekend started out crappy, yet ended on a good note! Next weekend the kids will be here. I am going to try to use their gift cards with them!!


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