Yesterday, I felt OK to do a little shopping for the kids. My cat woke me up this morning. Ever get the feeling something just is not right! Well that would have been me and my cat sitting on me did not help things. The dizziness struck first. Not the kind where the room is spinning so much as the floor feels like it is moving underneath me.

When I sat up to get out of bed, the back of my hurt. For those who like 0-10, it was at least a 6. Then I tried to get up. After a few attempts, I made it out of bed and tried to go down the stairs. I should have gone down on my butt because that is where I wound up.

Between the headaches and the dizziness, I started to feel nauseous and exhausted. One’s body can only take so much and I think mine was totally telling me that it was done for the day.

To my disappointment, I had to cancel physical therapy. Great, now can someone explain a cancelation charge to my illness. To sum today up, I felt like crap. There is just no other way of putting it,.

Which brings me to tomorrow. Two doctor’s appointments. I do not care how bad the fibro is tomorrow I cannot cancel two appointments. Hopefully, it had its fun today and was the worst it is going to be. Wishful thinking anyway.

Right now I am sore and tired, yet I cannot sleep. What a fun illness!


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