Disabled or Not Disabled

My theme for this week seems to be trees. No two trees are alike. Rarely are two leaves even the same when looked at close enough!

For the past seven years or so have been considered disabled by the powers that be. Maybe I should be clearer, mentally disabled.

As of September or last year, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia after many months of testing. Now the doctor’s are thinking that there is more to my illness, yet I will leave that for another day.

I have an AA, a BS, and was one semester away from finishing my second degree. My mental health is finally at a point where I want to try to work part-time (16-24 hours at most). Today, my therapist gave me the name of an agency to call. According to them, I may not be disabled enough for their help.

What? I am not even sure what that means!! I have a handicapped tag, I am on disability. Is there anything else? I use a cane, a knee brace, and a back brace on a daily basis. All I was hoping for was to be steered in the direction of where I should be looking or what to put in a cover letter. Instead, I was told that an application would be sent and if I met the criteria then they would call me.

When asked what I had, which I thought was illegal, the person on the other end told me that she did not think that there were any accommodations. Little did she know that I had looked over the ADA website and there are about four pages of accommodations.

To be clear, I am not looking for accommodations. I am just looking for a job and am realizing that I cannot do what I used to do. Life has changed and I want to be able to work like everyone else.

Hopefully, I will fill out the application and get someone nicer on the phone who wants to help. If not, I guess I have some researching to do!!


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