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Sleeping and more sleeping

Took on too much again. Seems to be the story of my life! Anyway, today, I could barely keep my eyes open. Not for lack of trying. At least I still was able to accomplish a few tasks around the house.

How exhausted I can get still surprises me. Sometimes I am scared to go to far from home because I get so tired at the wheel, the one exception is the kids who normally keep me in a constant state of conversation during whichever trip we are on.

There is also more than a little internal conflict going on right now with the whole what to do, how much is physical therapy supposed to do and where do we go from here. Is the goal of PT only to lessen my pain and allow me to function(take a bath, make lunch, get to the doctor’s

If that is the goal, then maybe the physical therapy is working. I have been completing my exercises and using the tools that the doctor, well all of my doctors, have given to me.

Sometimes, I am just not sure about all of this. This “new normal”. Taking longer to get ready. Tiring after walking around a store. Needing more sleep then I ever have in my entire life. Well, I hate to end on this, yet I am tired and am going to try to go to bed and hopefully be able to get to physical therapy tomorrow.