A New Journey

Sometimes “No” is not a word that I like very much. I may have fibromyalgia and chronic pain, yet I still want to live life.

Yesterday, in physical therapy, I decided that I would take the first step. My oldest is in his last year at his current school. Our relationship has always been rocky so when he asked me to go on his class trip, I was surprised and honored.

HIs class trip involves a lot of walking. I know that I need to do nothing the day before or the day after. So what did my doctor suggest. Boot Camp. He kicked my but yesterday, yet I felt like I actually accomplished something. Granted last night was a night for pain cream!!

So today, I will start with 10 minutes of walking and the exercises that he gave me. He said that if I keep up with my routine and add 5 minutes every three days that I can get up to an hour.

Right now, that mountain seems so far away. I know that if I work hard and keep at it that I will be able to climb up the mountain and have the feeling of accomplishment.

My kids have always been a great motivator in my life. I know that therapy, physical therapy, and all of the doctors are worth it when I see them. This has brought a drive to me that I have not had in a while.

I guess that today is the first day of camp!! I will keep everyone updated on the progress and hopefully in a month I will be on that field trip with my son.

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