Just Plain Tired!!

An MRI machine. I am sure that any sick person has had an up close and personal visit with this wonderful invention! Yesterday, I had 2 hours of fun.

Then the fun continued today when I received referrals to two more physicians. As I was trying to relax from that wonderful piece of news and seeing my psychiatrist, I had a phone call informing me that my test results from yet another doctor showed that I am anemic.

I think that anyone who was not going through mental health issues would have a hard time right now. I feel alone, even though I know that I have support. I used to be able to dissociate and at least have a few hours where I could pretend things were good.

Now, between all of the physical and mental stuff I can hardly find the time to schedule all of my doctor’s visits!! At least I am lucky to have some amazing doctors. If it were not for them I think that life would be a lot worse.

They are up front with me about all the tests and what each of their goals are for me.

Then there is my husband. He must be as overwhelmed with all of this news as I am. It is a lot to take in right now. I appreciate the support from all of those people who continue to read and comment on the blog. It means a lot.

One day, this will just be a story. At least I hope it will. I am getting through each day and will try to write often. Sometimes I am just to exhausted to even open the keyboard anymore.

3 thoughts on “Just Plain Tired!!

  1. Hey I can totally understand what you are going thru, hang in there, tho I know its hard, I was told my vitamin b3 level was low, along with all the other medications I am taking now I have to take 5,000 mg of this a day..nice huh!! and this one I have to pay otc…and its not check either!!

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