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We Are Not All the Same

**May Trigger**

The shells in the picture are representative of people. People who have not experienced illness, those with illnesses, and those who do not know.
I have Complex PTSD, depression, Fibromyalgia, arthritis. I am not my illnesses.

Yesterday, I experienced yet another weird ailment that I needed to go to the doctor for. The nurse who called me back was not very friendly. As I was returning from using the restroom, I overheard her saying to the doctor that the next patient has anxiety and PTSD. “I bet you just want this to be over.”

Hold on, I am a person like anyone else and deserve the same medical treatment as anyone else. Yes, I have PTSD, yet this doctor does not know me or my symptoms. I have met many people with PTSD along my journey, they are all unique and deserve to be treated that way.

Yesterday, was not about my mental health. I actually had a physical symptom going on with me. I was insulted and then I realized that so many doctors are ignorant. People have become a diagnosis to them. Whether it is mental or physical, they expect everyone to present the same.

As patients, we are all unique. Our diagnosis may be the same, yet we present differently. Just look at the bloggers on here. None of us write the same, yet we are all blogging.

It is just so frustrating that the doctor does not look at the entire picture. He/She looks at fragments of the picture. One day it is the back pain, another a knee, another my loss of balance. In the meantime, I am a whole person and all of this is related.

The only thing that I can do is to fight for myself and fight to be listened to. When I feel that a doctor is ignoring me or not understanding, I am the only one who can make them understand me. I am more than the name of a diagnosis.

Each shell, as each person is unique. Two may seem alike, yet there are always slight differences. It is in those difference that we are each are own person.