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So Nice To Have Support

Thank you to all of those who are following my blog. I appreciate the support more than I can say.

I started to blog because I wanted to be able to write about my life and see if anyone out there was going through the same things.

This blog has taught me so much. First, there are people facing the same struggles as I am. Second, as a blogging community, we have a chance to celebrate goals and accomplishments even with we are halfway around the world from one another. Third, even when I am feeling like I do not have any support, I can look on here and prove myself wrong. Fourth, it is ok to be myself and to open up.

As of today, the medication is working and I am keeping track of all of my symptoms in order to present the specialist next month with a complete picture.

Thanks for following my blog and thank all of you for allowing me to read and be inspired by yours!!