Another Father's Day

**May Trigger**

Father’s Day. In an ideal world there would be getting together, cook outs, time with family, or maybe even a day trip. The day would be one without argument, a day to just sit back and enjoy.

Growing up, Father’s Day was hell. There was nothing but stress involved. My father was never really emotional. Most Father’s Days passed and he would just sit around and smoke, while outside I watched families having cook outs and going places.

Then there was the person who molested me. My mom would go to the store and get him a box of tobacco every year for Father’s Day. I hated having to go over there and give anything to him. He was already taking so much from me.

This Father’s Day is strange. My husband will not get to see my kids since they are with their biological father. To the kids, they have two dads. We solved some of the issue by going out to dinner as a family the last time that they were here. The kids had a great time and that is what counts.

So, Father’s Day is a mess of memories for me. Good and bad. This year I get to spend Father’s day with my husband and call my kids later. As far as my dad, I am still debating on what to do. I have a card for him. The only time that he comes over the house though is when my kids are here. He does not come over just to see me. This hurts on father’s day. That my own dad does not want to see me.

The fact is, I am getting used to it. I am learning not to expect anything from either of my parents.

To all of those who have great dad’s, I hope that you have a good Father’s Day.

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