Hobbies and More

My kitty is sick again. I had to take her back to the hospital today to get another check up for a complication from her surgery. She is wearing a kitty cone and is miserable. I will be so happy when she gets well.

So, summer is here! Every year when I was younger my mother had me participate in the summer reading program at the local library. I loved to read. Reading allowed me to go to different places and experience adventures that I never would have in life.
Today, I still love to read. True crime novels, non-fiction, and most recently teen novels. I like teen novels because they are not triggering like adult novels can be and are not as graphic. Ever since October, I have been keeping a list of the books that I have read. The list is for two reasons, one to keep track of what I read and two for parts to keep track.
Parts each like different types of books. So I thought that maybe I would start to blog about the books that I am reading since I can read a book in a day if I really want too.

The other hobby that I had growing up was dancing. I loved the music and the studio. The studio became a second home for me. Just when I thought that I could go back to dance, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and am going through even more testing. I can still go and watch the show though. I went to the dance recital and I realized that I loved looking at the girls faces. The smiles reminded me of how I felt when I was up on stage and smiling!! It was great.

Today, I also journal and draw. Sometimes I think that I am doing both wrong, yet I am doing both for me.

Recently, I have started to attend a support group for one of my illnesses. The group has helped so much. Having others who are experiencing the same issues is something that I have not had since I was inpatient.

So, there are a few other subjects that I am going to start to try to incorporate into my blog. There is more to me than my mental illness and my physical problems. I am looking forward to expanding the topics on the blog and being positive.

3 thoughts on “Hobbies and More

  1. sounds like a very interesting expansion of the blog 🙂 I also used to dance but unlike you i find it very hard now to watch dancing or anything on stage, whilst i’m there i love it but then the feeling of loss comes along. hope your cat gets better

  2. One of my 14yr old cats has been very poorly with post op complications. I know how difficult this can be. I hope kitty gets better soon

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