Where Has The Time Gone?

I did not even realize how long it has been since my last post!!

My cat is healing from surgery. It has been quite a month with her. A simple surgery turned into Pet ER visits more vet visits and a pretty miserable kitty for a few weeks. She is now back to begging for food and her hair is growing in. No more kitty cone!!

My car is finally back and better than before the accident. The more important part is that I can get to therapy and groups!!

The kids are doing well. Their dad has started to date someone with kids and they are feeling upset about him spending his time with someone else. At least they have continued to open up to me! I guess that I have not done a completely horrible job as a mom.

Stress has crept up on me and I am acting on my Eating Disorder. Not everyday, but most days. I wish that I could just stop, but it is not that easy.

I have started to apply for jobs. All have rejected me. I will be the first to admit that my work history is horrible. Someone is really going have to want to take a chance on me to hire me. I am just waiting patiently for that person.

I was able to see my service dog in training at the organizations annual picnic. It was so freeing to be able to walk with him and have him by my side! I cannot wait until my formal training with hm.

Other than the above, my mother had a birthday. I barely survived the day, yet I got through it. I am debating over what kind of relationship that I really want with her because I know that the current one is not healthy for me.

Well, that is it for now. I am sure that I left something out. I need to get better at doing this more often. Again thanks to everyone for the support, esp. when my cat was sick. It really helped.

2 thoughts on “Where Has The Time Gone?

  1. Sounds exciting about your service dog. I have a PTSD service dog and he helps me so much. congrats on that. glad Mr/Ms Kitty is feeling better. I am pretty new to blogging and need to get better at posting more often as well. it’s a commitment for sure. Some people are so good at this thing.

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