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Ever since January, I have been looking forward to getting a service dog. I could walk better and was less anxious with the dog, not to mention all of the other symptoms that he would be able to help with.

My husband tried to get a loan. We just learned last night that it would be to much.

I am upset about the loan, yet I guess that I was naive. I really thought that friends and family would help out during this time. I realize that everyone is stressed financially, but a couple of dollars would have gone a long way. Helping me, would have helped not only me but my family. My kids were so excited that I could walk better.

A page had been set up for donations. Apparently, not a single person gave. It makes me feel invisible. A service dog is not covered by insurance, yet is not a luxury if it improves your quality of life. I hope that one day insurance changes. Maybe another person will not have to go without help!