I have had a job as an aide in a childcare center for two days. Before being hired, I had to get a form filled out by my doctor. The form had about my mental illness along with my fibromyalgia and nerve problems.

Today I walked into the building with my cane and clocked in after being handed my time card by the assistant director. I punched my time card and then the owner stated that I could not work today because I had a cane and could not chase after the kids.

My husband is telling me to go into work tomorrow, cane or not. I just feel like with the tasks that I am being asked to do, I am going to need the cane because it exacerbates my leg and knee pain. It is beginning to feel like I am not going to be able to have a job. I may have a cane, yet I can still be a productive employee.

3 thoughts on “I want to, yet they do not think I can

  1. I know it’s tough but you are strong in your resolve. Remember, you do not have a dis- ability right now…..you happen to be differently abled….a dif-ability. Your brain is working wonderfully and you DO have much to offer there. Keep on going.

  2. It’s so rough to suddenly find that the world judges your ability to do a job based upon whether you need aides for ambulation/ balance or not. Tell ’em you need the cane so you can grab a-holt of the little tykes when they go running off! NOT! But a good visual, eh? Never mind, I’m daft anyway….;-)

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