I was just discharged from the hospital. I feel like I am in a strange land. My depression was to the point that the doctor wanted to try ECT. I said yes! I am glad that I did. I feel better.

The treatment has had an effect on my memory. I cannot seem to remember how to do the simplest tasks. Everything seems strange. I am not sure if it is the ECT or being in the hospital for almost three months.

I was out of the hospital for a couple of weeks. In that time, I totaled me car. I do not even remember the accident. All I do know is that my 10 year old took over driving the car. Needless to say, I am not driving for a while.

I am down to getting ECT once a week and should be finished the treatments soon. From other people who have had the treatments, I have learned that it may take up to 6 months to get my memory back. I am just looking forward to things seeming familiar.

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