Last night I was able to see my son’s first concert. I loved being able to watch his excitement of being on stage for the first time. It was also painful. I wish that I saw my kids more often. They live an hour away and their father still refuses to let me see them more.

WARNING: Complaining Ahead

Having a mental illness sucks!! I am no longer judged by my abilities. I am judged because I have a mental illness and have been in the hospital. Others around me may make poor choices. My decisions are attributed to my mental illnesses. I am tired of being though of as the mentally ill person.

On top of it, because I am upset my fibromyalgia has decided to act up. Last night, I was woken up numerous times with pain in my back.

My therapist says to get a hobby. The only problem is, I have no idea what to do. Sometimes, if I am having a really bad day, I am terrified to be around people.

Today, I have a doctor’s appointment. I do not know what to say!! How many times can I say the same thing!