I always knew from growing up in my house, that marriage was not easy. In fact, someone usually got hurt by the end of the day.

When I separated from my ex, I had this picture in the back of my mind that we would come to an agreement and get equal time with the kids. That was the fairy tale!! The reality was more like a bad drama. Custody was not about who was better for the kids or what was better for the kids. Dollar signs dominated who got custody and who was able to see 6 the kids more.

6 years later and my ex has finally achieved his long term goal. He will not let me se the kids overnight and schedules them for so many activities on the weekend that it is impossible to see them.

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon on the phone with lawyers. The legal aid centers stated that they could not handle the case and not one private attorney will take the case pro bono.

I am just hoping that at the end of all of this mess the kids know that I love them. I feel like I am doing as much as I can.

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