What the Doctor Sees!!

I recently went to the doctor and I believe that all they see is one individual problem at a time.

Even if it is not mental health, they never seem to put the pieces of the puzzle together, it always turns into a big mess. For instance, a doctor puts a patient on a medicine for cholesterol. That medicine lowers their BP. Then, the patient needs something for their blood pressure. There are some medicines out there that actually will bring on diabetes.

Are we helping or hurting patients. Sometimes I wonder about the handful of meds I take in the morning and the evening. Do I really need them all? What would happen if I went off of all of them?

So, I go to the doctor and it takes 10 minutes just to tell them the meds that I am on. Then they realize I am a mental patient and everything gets blamed on my mental illness. Sore throats, pain in my leg, and even headaches have all been attributed to me mental illness.

It really makes me wonder. I feel like the drawing. Pieces of me are wrapped up in each other. Not saying it would be any better if I had another illness, they would just blame it on that.

We are no longer individuals. We are a number on a chart. We are the chart. A doctor feels by reading the chart that they know you. If that was the case I should write them a book!!

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