Hospitals. I have been inpatient in the same trauma unit of the same hospital for 10 years. Often more than once a year.

After almost 30 times in treatment, I think it is time to try somewhere else. The problem is that trauma treatment is expensive and some not covered by health insurance. My husband is worried about the cost and I understand. I am worried about the emotional cost to me if I do not at least try one of these programs.

Right now, I am not even emotionally stable enough to see my kids. I cannot seem to get past the anger and rage. At this point, I want to know that I have tried everything I can to get better for my family and myself!!!

One thought on “Public vs. Private

  1. I’m not sure where you live, but there are some great trauma programs both inpatient and intensive outpatient in the NE part of the United States. I give you credit for persevering to find treatment that is the right fit for you. Keep on going!

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