Nightmares and flashbacks are all part of PTSD. My marriage is starting to crumble because of them. Once my husband is up, he cannot get back to sleep. I ‘m waking up around one in the morning.

In therapy, I am working on processing these memories. Last night, my husband found me in the bathroom screaming curled into a ball in the fetal position.

He cannot keep up with all of this. First a separate room. Now what?? I’m not doing any of this because I want too. The good news is that I have not self harmed.

The nightmares are just getting worse. They are going down this dark path that exists even after I wake. Facing them in therapy has helped, yet I can only get through so much at once.

I do not want to lose my marriage, yet I cannot change the horrors that happened. I have a feeling that last night will not be the last where I wake screaming.

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