Midterms, papers, a huge loss, and a visit with the kids. Not to mention a day with NAMI. All of these things are going in this week.

Normally, I try to give myself some down time to recuperate. To rest my body and my mind. Not this week. There is one thing after another with barely any time to think.

I need to keep in mind that it is only this week and not every week. Although, it does not help that I have been sick this weekend. 

Tomorrow, I have to give a presentation in front of my class. Speaking in front of people is not so bad, yet I am so nervous to speak in front of my classmates. Not only that, but my midterm for another class falls on the same week. I am so nervous about it. We have to use what we have learned. I am much more comfortable with paper and pen! 

Then there is the inevitable going away of someone that we have come to confide in. I am not sure how I am going to handle it when the time comes. All I feel like doing is crying. Although it is not a death, it is an ending. One I cannot change.

The next morning I have therapy. I can work through the loss and everything from the past that it is bringing up. My know dis come that night.!Right at this moment, I have no clue what I am going to do with them. I am sure that they will have ideas.