After a lot of thought, I applied to a four year college last night. I learned earlier this week that I have gone as far as I can at a two year school. This is scary. It means really committing to something and working hard to stay out of the hospital.

It has been a year since I have been inpatient. That is the longest that I have gone in years. It is good for me, but it is also great for the kids.

I am trying to do something that I can use my own experience doing. It is not going to be easy, yet I have had some great role models over the years.

Maybe I am ready to face the trauma. To really go back there and process what happened to me and how I felt. What a journey this will be. 

My one conflict right now is how much I love ant to share off of this page. Some of the peo me with mental illnesses that I know have Facebook pages. I have thought about sharing the basics. The only way people can know me is if I open up. Then, will they want to know me? 


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