Where I live, having a mental illness is a sentence for supervised visitation. I guess I was lucky, my ex and I came to an agreement that I get to see my kids every third weekend. 

Last year, my kids were almost taken away from me. I had been in and out of the hospital so much in the previous years. I fought and got my visitation back.

I love my kids, yet sometimes my depression is bad and I have a hard time getting things done. This past weekend I pushed myself to take a walk with my daughter and to play a game with my son.

Sometimes, I wish that I more energy and more money. Unfortunately, I have to pay child support and that is Abigail chunk of change.

Luckily, my kids are older and I have been able to have therapy sessions with them. They know that they did not cause any of this. It still dos not help when I am not 100%.

 Wish that I more energy. I wish that I cold control the flashbacks. I wish that the kids did not see the medication that I have to take to keep myself stable.!i wish that I was well enough to work.

On the outside, I look ok. I even try to go to school functions and games. Sometimes I wish that all of those intrusive thoughts did not interfere with my day.

I am lucky though!! I have teenagers that still tell me they love me. They still have me a hug before going to bed. They are great kids!!


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