Finally, I thought, Spring Break and Easter with the kids. Things at school are going better and I have come to terms with the fact that my treatment team is changing.

As I was just talking to my husband last night the phone rang. The caller ID stated that it was my mother. I have not spoken to her since December. She has chosen to not communicate with me and I have been working through that in therapy.

My parents who have not seen my kids since 2013, want to see them. They want the kids to come out to the front lawn and meet them so that they can see them and say goodbye. WHAT??? Was she joking??? I asked her about having a relationship with me. About being a mom. All she said was that it was to late. Apparently, her and my father are sick. She did not mention what with or if they were given a certain amount of time to live. My mother has been telling me she is going to die since I was little.

I just got my kids back after among court battle. They have their own issues and are getting through them with a lot of support. I do not want to subject them to seeing my parents and being hurt again. They just got used to them not coming around. Plus, this always happened to me as a kids. People would come in and out of my life based in my parents.

I really do not think that it is healthy for my kids to see my parents. I know that it is not good for me. I told her that I would get back to her. She choose to take herself out of my life and I cannot change that.

My health and my kids has to come first.

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