My husband was on a work trip over the past week. Our cat loves my husband. He feeds her and plays with her. At other times they just hang out together. She waits for him to come home from work. She is always aware of when his car pulls into the driveway.

This past week she has hidden upstairs except for meal times when she eats and goes back upstairs. Her stomach became upset and she just was not herself.

Last night, my husband came home and she lit up. She laid on the sofa with him and came up to bed. She played with her toys and I thought that I detected even a sparkle back in her eyes. The cat is so much better this morning. She seems happier, even waking me to come downstairs and spend time with her.

Even our animals need love and affection. They form bonds with us that do not go away just because we may. Watching the cat over the past week reminded me of how sad and depressed I can get about things in my life. 


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