I have PTSD, with that I also have Dissociative Identity Disorder. Over the years my treatment team has worked with my parts to increase how well I function and my safety.

With the loss of my psychiatrist, I feel lost. Some of my parts do not know who they can trust or turn too. Parts that want to normally express themselves through art are refusing. Even going to dance seems like to much right now. 

I know my parts are all me, yet right now it is hard to remember that. This loss has created a division. I am scared of where this can lead too. 

We need to be able to completely confide in our therapist, yet it has been so hard to do that. Our psychiatrist had become the therapist for some of us. Now she is no longer a part of our lives.

I do not want to go back inpatient. It would affect to many aspects of my life. The challenge is going to be finding ways to go on one day at a time.


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