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I don’t know what it is. I have a loving husband and people around me that I can talk too, yet I feel alone.

They do not understand what a flashback or panic attack is like. Others do not know that the slightest noise bothers me or that it is a struggle to get up and get going because my mind is fighting itself.

Trying to explain symptoms is hard. Even though others often try, they come up short. This is not going on with their body and mind everyday. Sometimes, they do not understand that I cannot turn it off.

Right now I feel alone. I feel like the only person who got this illness is gone and they are not coming back. Parts feel abandoned. We are trying in therapy, yet sometimes it all just seems like to much.

I have to wait until July to see another psychiatrist. I am scared about needing a med change before then, or even worse for my meds to run out.