A little background. I have 3 kids who I am the non-custodial parent of and who I have been paying child support for for years. 

Now, my ex wants more money every month. He is making at least 20,000 more than he was at the time of the original calculation. He calculated the new amount and somehow I owe him $100 more a month. I stated that there most likely needs to be an expert involved that knows what they are doing.

This really worries me. If the calculations are correct, then I do not know how I am going to afford to even see the kids. My expenses for medication and doctor’s are so high. It is a catch 22. I need my meds and my treatment to stay out of the hospital. They cost money. If I go into the hospital then I do not see my kids and he can take me back to court to try to get them away from me again.

I guess that I will be contacting an attorney. I do not know where I am going to get the money for that. The retainer fees are insane. 

Just when I thought that I was getting the kids back and we were doing ok. It is never enough for my ex. He is not going to let anything rest.

3 thoughts on “Why???

  1. can you contact a local legal group that does pro-bono work? He is clearly taking advantage of your disability and it’s not uncommon sadly for this to happen. Women have less money to fight in court and they know that. But please, try to get a lawyer – even a lawyer who is just a friend of a friend – not someone legally representing you – just some advice if that is all you can do. Anything a lawyer can do, you can do on your own I think – you just need to know how to do it. you will just end up in arbitration anyway. If you go into arbitration, make sure you have a recent letter from all your doctors stating you are disabled, can’t work etc. whatever the circumstances are but that you emotionally and physically healthy enough to care for your children. How much money does he make? so sorry. I know so many women in your shoes. it’s where the legal system traps women. men make more so they get the kids, they keep taking us to court – they win because we can’t afford lawyers and btw, their lawyers know.

    I think the children end up damaged in the long run. daddy’s turning their kids from their mommies etc. very very sad. sorry you are going thru this.

    and trying to do it with the anxiety of PTSD is over the top.

    1. He makes about $97,00 a year. That is what his tax statement from work says. He also has rental income. I am lucky. I can get an attorney through a program of a friend. It is still a lot of stress. I just went through him trying to take my kids away last year. He is remarried now. Even she tells the kids that she is their mother now. I try to be there for them as much as I can. I realize that there are going to be issues in the future. I just need to be accepting of the kids and how they feel. Thank you for your comment and concern.

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