I am almost at the end of my semester!! I checked my grades the other day and realized that I had a C on one of my assignments. I did not understand. I had completed the projects according to the guidelines. 

I emialed the professor because I could not let it go. I am glad I did! I received an email back that the grade was a mistake in the computer. That makes a huge difference. Now I realize that I am going to have to keep close track of my grades so another does not get messed up.

Then there is my ex and the entire issue of child support. I hate that I have to have the stress of getting an attorney again. He just never stops! Today I am calling to get a referral and some help with the correct calculations. 

Then, there is school. I have to do this for me. I am going in and giving 100%, even though the professors seem to think that I am weak and not able to keep up. They can think anything they want.

I need to worry about me this time. I cannot just do what other people want. We shall see how that works out😊

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