I know that I always write about one thing at a time. That is hard today. I am assisting with a dance concert, I need to get a paper completed, I have to write a structure for an improve solo, and I am supposed to go to the store. There are not enough hours in the day.

Then I looked at my calendar for this week and see school, kids concerts, meetings for the kids for next year, and other appointments.

One if the meetings is during my class time. I hate missing class! I always want to be there and go even if I am sick. I need to be at this meeting for my daughter, yet I also feel that I am doing something wrong by missing class.

Today, I am going to have to calm down and just get as much completed as I possibly can. At least I have been able to deal with all of the anger and frustration this week and stay safe.

Staying safe was a huge concern after therapy on Tuesday. I really thought that I would need to go into the hospital. It has taken a lot of work to stay out. Thanks to coping skills and support I have almost made it to my next appointment.


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