My divorce was final years ago. There was an agreement that spelled out drop offs and pick-ups, holidays, and support for the kids.

Years later nothing has ended. Because of the symptoms and impact of them, I cannot hold down a job. My ex tells me every time he can how lazy that I am and how I do not provide for the kids.

This week is really bad. He has gotten on me about child support recently. I have always paid when I get my check. Now, he insists that he get it earlier and has commented that I am not paying my bills like I should.

Then there are the comments that those that live with my kids make. That I am not a good mother. That they would be better off not visiting me. That I am lazy. That I am trash.

I can only take so much. I am struggling to just stay safe right now and this is not helping. This has to stop. Why can’t he just get in with his life. Instead it seems as if he wants to go back to court every year. All that I can do is continue to fight for what is right for the kids and be there for them as much as possible.


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