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Even though I have PTSD and an eating disorder I still try to do as much as I can. Sometimes that is to much and then my fibromyalgia stops me by causing me to become so tired that I have to take a break.

This semester has been rough. Two classes at school, a dance class on Tueday nights, volunteering for NAMI, and trying to keep up with all of the kids events.

Next year, I want to teach dance and still dance one night a week. I have also been accepted to a four year school and an going to start there part time.

That leaves the dance major and NAMI. I do not want to give anything up or let anyone down, yet I am not sure that I can handle all of that. It is hard for me not to have at least one day to decompress and do what I need to to stay healthy.

Maybe, I really need to think about a couple of the items that I do now that are really important and stick to those. Trying to do to much is only going to result in failure!!