I am doing a presentation this morning in a crowded American city. Like any city, it has its affluent areas and its areas that need improvement. On my way here I saw boarded up house after boarded up house. There are no businesses or places to work. People are wandering the streets.

I am at one of the clinics that serves the community. It is nice inside, yet it is so overcrowded. People are reduced to being a number. How can these people get treatment for mental illness? How can they get access to a therapist? 

Why can’t something be done? There is a bus system and public transportation, yet there are those that cannot afford to use it. There is free transportation, yet one has to go to an office and qualify.

I just hate seeing that there is so little being done to assist people when people higher up complain about the problems. There are ways to fix the problems and to get people help. There are resources and organizations that the city could partner with. Everyone needs a fair chance!

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