Last year my ex took me back to court to try and get my children away from me completely. He tried to say that my mental illness made me to unstable to be with them. After a lot of steps, I still get to see my kids. 

Now the latest issue is that he wants more child support. He recalculated the amount himself. Personally, I feel that a professional needs to do that.

The latest blow came yesterday when his new wife texted me that the kids tell her that I am talking about her. I have not said anything about her to them. On Mother’s Day  I encouraged them to make her a card. From what I know she treats them well and even goes beyond what she needs to do.

She wants us all to meet to get on the same page. Ever since I separated from my ex 9 years ago, we have not been on the same page. Why would we suddenly agree to anything? 

He has voiced his opinion more than once that he feels that I am crazy and to ill to be in the kids lives. He does not share what is going on with me and I am often left in the dark.

I just want to stop having to look over my shoulder to see what is coming next. I want something to be resolved for a little bit. Talked about my symptoms being triggered!! Maybe I will get lucky and things will work out, yet the past does not prove to be to hopeful for that to happen.

5 thoughts on “Constant Upheaval!!!

  1. It’s in the back of my mind everyday that my wife could take my kids from me at anytime because of my mental history. I think the only thing I have going for me is that she left. That’s got to be a plus if it comes to it, right?

      1. It’s not as bad as it sounds, that she walked out. It was coming for a long time. She’s still very much there for the kids. I had originally thought she was going to make me leave, but it worked out differently, to my benefit, for my mental wellbeing. But the fear is still there that she will change her mind.

  2. Is your ex-husband a narcissist? I ask because my friend is attempting to divorce one and your ex-husband sounds just like he does. There is never any logic involved when it comes to attempting to try to work things out with them. Good luck and maybe if he is read up on what a narcissist is and also how to deal with them.

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