I should start out by saying I am not big into religion or looking for signs. That is most likely due to my past.

Maybe it is just coincidence. My therapy appointment is on the same day at the same time every week. Almost every week it rains or snows on the days that I have therapy. 

Therapy is getting harder as we are delving deeper into my memories from the past. Feelings are not a subject that I deal with very well, yet they are part of therapy. I wished that I did not need to discuss or acknowledge them at all.

To this day, there are people in my life that I lost a long time ago. They cared about me. They showed me love and compassion. Even when they could no longer do as much, they still told me stories and made me feel special. 

Sometimes I think that the rain is them showing their sadness along with those who others have lost. The sadness that trauma survivors have to go through so much just to make it through the day. Maybe even the sadness that they could not do anything to stop it:

It was not their place to stop it. They did not know what to even stop. There was always an excuse for everything. 

As I am writing this the rain is getting stronger. Maybe there are some people that will always be on my side. Just a thought.

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