I knew my classes were stressing me out. Getting up, leaving the house, and interacting with others. All of this challenged my PTSD symptoms. I was forced to use coping skills. At least now I can say that I did it!

The semester is over and Ifeel more stressed then ever. Part of the reason is that things are going horrible with my ex. He wants more child support to begin with. That is stressing me out. What if the court does award him more support. I still have bills and expenses such as therapy and medication that I need to keep up with. Then there is the fact that he somehow wants me to pay for the kids field trips and activities. I already pay child support. That money is included in there.

Then his new wife got her feeling hurt over something that the kids told her. Never mind that the event never happened. She should have gone  through my ex, yet I was the one who got the texts on my phone.

It seems like he likes to start stuff. I should just ignore most of it and just not worry about it. I though of blocking her number from my phone, yet what if one of the kids gets hurt or injured. I want to know about it.

The eating disorder is at a high point right now. I am trying to do the right things, yet it is so hard not to give into impulses. I need to get that under control. Journaling and reality testing are a big thing right now.

Yes, school is over. Now I need to get some of the other stressors in my life to decrease. I need to work in that and make a plan.

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